Vendor Spotlight

Homestead Farms

Homestead Farms is a market garden operated by Jon and Kaylynn Toombs of Berryville, Arkansas, about 15 miles east of Eureka Springs.  We garden using no synthetic chemicals of any sort and no GMO crops are grown in our garden.  We have been selling at local farmers markets for more than a decade.  As of yet we haven’t done the paperwork for “organic” or “naturally grown” certification, but those are the techniques that we have used for years.  (We hope to find time to pursue certification, but there are so many other projects to be done…..)For those of you who already know us, our garden is getting bigger again this year.  We hope to see you at market, stop by and share recipes or gardening stories!

Farm/Business Name:   Homestead Farms

Representative Name:  Jon and Kaylynn Toombs
Products Offered:  Chemical free, seasonal produce grown year round on our farm.


RP Beef

For 40 years we have never used any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. No pesticides, no herbicides and no genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) . These cattle are grass fed and finished as nature intends. They are never fed any animal byproducts. We believe in healthy animals and healthy people. Come see us at the market and bring your dull blades. We sharpen knives, scissors, loppers, axes, blades of all kinds

Owned and represented by Richard Potter

Beef:  Ground Beef, steaks, roasts, ribs, stew meat, brisket, brats, soup bones and organ meats.